Baby Wear


When it comes to Babies, Pure Cotton is the best fabric suited for those tender skins. That is the reason why we chose 100% cotton as the only fabric which we use in the manufacture of the Onesies, Baby Rompers, Jump Suits, underwear and Bibs.

Our ‘White Cloud’ range of Baby Clothing comes in the following sizes

-        ‘0’ size,

-         0   to 3 months,

-         3   to 6 months,

-         6   to 9 months,

-         9   to 12 months,

-         12 to 18 months and

-         18 to 24 months.

The ‘My First Dress’ collection is a hanger pack that contains 2 pieces of  New Born Baby Wear that is manufactured without the use of Buttons, Snaps and Scratchy Labels. The light weight nature of the 100 % cotton fabric used in this design is best suited for the soft skin of the New Borns.

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